13 oktober 2020 19:10

Offentliga Hus obtains waiver for existing bonds to be redeemed, in conjunction with previously announced new bond financing and upcoming IPO

As announced on 6 October 2020, Offentliga Hus i Norden AB (publ) (the “Company” or “Offentliga Hus”) has successfully issued MSEK 550 senior unsecured green bonds with a tenor of 3.5 years and an issue date of 12 October 2020 (the “New Bonds”). The Company concurrently announced that the voluntary early redemption of the Company’s MSEK 700 senior unsecured bonds due 2021 (the “Existing Bonds”) on 3 November 2020 had become unconditional.

In accordance with Clause 24.2 (Press releases) of the terms of conditions for the Existing Bonds, the Company hereby announces that the agent for the holders of the Existing Bonds has waived the general undertakings of the Company under the terms and conditions for the Existing Bonds, effective as of today. The waiver was requested by the Company in order to facilitate the issue of the New Bonds up until the final redemption date of the Existing Bonds and in order to accommodate a transition to new financing terms in connection with the initial public offering of Offentliga Hus that was announced on 1 October 2020.

As a condition for the effectiveness of the waiver, the Company has cancelled all MSEK 470 Existing Bonds held by it and deposited an amount equal to the amount required to carry out the early voluntary redemption of the remaining Existing Bonds, as set forth in the notice of redemption made by the Company on 1 October 2020, on an account pledged in favour of the agent and the holders of the Existing Bonds.